The Akatsuki has rose again after 1000 years of the death of Naruto.
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 Amechi Kotora... The best app on here!![Accepted]

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PostSubject: Amechi Kotora... The best app on here!![Accepted]   Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:23 am

:: Basic Information ::

Name: Amechi Kotora
--Nicknames: Puppet Expert
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Zodiac Sign: Rat
Birth Date: Dec 14
Blood Type: O-
Weight: 145 lb
Height: 5'7"
Rank: Kazekage
Village: Sunagakure

:: Character Looks and Personality ::


Amechi... A wonderful looking, 37 year old man. He gets compliments about looking so ravishing, so young. Amechi has beautiful dark red eyes, that gets the compliments from the girls. This mid-aged man has eyes that.. Almost look like Sharingan.... He has acquainted some people who actually assumed that he was a lucky survivor of the legendary clan of the leaf... The Uchiha Clan.. Although, his appearance is nothing like the Uchiha. If you haven't noticed, the Uchiha blood line, everyone has a trait that is unnoticeable. They all have black hair. Amechi on the other hand, has divine, elegant lavender hair that simply flows with the the extravagant wind currents. Amechi has been complimented on his hair by many, and I am talking, many girls. They just love the way they can flow their feminine, small, soft hands through his silky, hair... They just love the way that his hair just.. Just glides smoothly through their soft hands. Amechi is very much of a "Ladies Man". His face is not very narrow, but on the other hand... Not very large.. Average, that's the word.

Amechi, is very much like a king. Mostly because he is the Kazekage, and everyone thinks he is very great and noble. He has many shadows, as in that I mean there is numerous people that are following in his foot steps, mainly his lovely nephews and grandsons. Amechi has to be great, and do the right thing now since they are following his foot stops. The light... Eh... It just seems to make Amechi's hair glimmer and shine. It turns his hair into a tint of yellow as you can tell. Amechi has greatly enhanced muscles located on his arms, and on his forearms. Amechi has a sturdy, good-looking 10 pack. His outstanding muscles just doubles his possibilities with outstanding women.

Attire: Amechi has a small variety of clothes he actually decides to wear. His clothes includes that dashing dark red shirt that makes him seem intellectual, yet is ready to party. His dark, black jacket just seems to blend in perfectly with his look, it makes him look... Quite mysterious.. His black, baggy jeans just tie the bow, making his look just perfect. This really reflects on his mysterious, calm background.

Personality: Amechi has a personality which allows him to stay completely calm in all situations. This includes the fascinating ability to be in control during those situations where you're about to get killed, he just has a reaction to quickly think of something to protect himself. Some people attempt to scare this wonderful man, but he is not easily surprised or caught off-guard. Amechi has never shown any signs of arrogance, which he probably never will.. And is rather modest about his mind-blowing abilities, unlike most shinobis. His calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the terrific situation at hand, and ultimately notices everything around him due to his keen observation skills. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation, good or horrifically terrible, to make keen and thought-out hypothesises and decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. He actually doesn't like to talk to many people, he is a very mysterious, and hard to observe man, due to his mysterious nature. He will talk to many girls that he gets his compliments from, due to the fact that he just loves the beautiful ladies. His calm, mysterious demeanor has been called "cool, hip, and trendy" many times by other people.

:: Character Clan ::

Name of Clan: Kotora
Clan Ability: N/A
Relationship in Clan: Leader
Character Ability: N/A

:: Character Weapons and jutsu ::

Arashi, Koto, Roto, Daichi, Haichi, Bob, Sentu, Senju, Kaze, Suna [all puppets], 15x senbon, pouch of Iron Sand.
*will add tons more later. :3
Kugutsu no Jutsu

Character History and RP Sample

Beginning: Amechi's parents, Rina and Arashi, were in the hospital, waiting to see there new born baby. After a few hours, the baby was born and Amechi, an average sized male baby with the most gorgeous purple eyes. Amechi was very spontanueous while growing up, very active. With all that energy, he became a very swift, agile taijutsu ninja. Amechi was very physical fit, mentally fit, and he undoubtably loved his wonderful village. With these traits, he easily got accepted as an academy student.
Academy: Amechi paced towards the academy, ready to learn as much as he can, and he will train to become one of the strongest taijutsu specialist his village has ever known! Or so he thought. Amechi, in his ninjutsu class, they were teaching about puppetry. Amechi got so intrested in this form of battling, he soon started to make his own puppets. He was a natural at making puppets! His first puppet was a human based puppet, it had a white robe on that Amechi had made for it. Amechi, asked his father, which happened to be the Kazekage, for some ryo. The Kazekage asked what Amechi wanted, Amechi said he wanted some senbon. The Kazekage did a hand sign, and senbon appeared infront of him. 1000s of senbon were created by this mind blowing jutsu, Amechi put them in a wooden barrel and lugged them out to the shack in which he was creating his puppet. Amechi made it where senbon shout out of each palm, out of the puppets mouth, and the elbows and knees. This puppet was very rigged for battle. Amechi made senbon sticking out of the robes for when the puppets doing taijutsu. Amechi finished his first puppet, he ended up calling it Daichi. This puppet took about a month, after the year ended, Amechi had 5 puppets. Amechi could only use 2 at once though. The exams came, and Amechi did great in all areas, best in ninjutsu. Amechi got assigned his Jounin Sensei, Hoshi Uchiha. Since there was an uneven amount of people in the academy, Amechi was the only student of Hoshi. Hoshi tested Amechi, Amechi ended up getting the bells by using a small puppet he had made to get it. Amechi is now officially a genin.

Genin: Hoshi told Amechi to be at the training grounds, everyday at 7 am sharp! Amechi quickly became great with his puppets, he can use 4 at one time now.
Hoshi's Journal of Amechi's Progress: ~Day 45~ Amechi is actually really understanding his puppets, and how to manuver them much more swifly, control them with much ease. Time to teach him how to make a great jutsu using them all. "Okay. Amechi. I need you to grab the dummy with Daichi, bring the dummy in the air, make Rosora {A wolf like puppet} send a Fuma Shuriken at the dummy. After that, make Daichi throw the dummy at Wakashi {Human Puppet with big sword}, and then Wakashi will decapitate the dummy. The reason for all the grabbing with Daichi, is because it will imobilize the opponents due to the senbon sticking out of his arms and chest. Now try it." I told him. I observed, as Amechi tried this hard, yet powerful combo. Amechi got it near perfect, but he missed the head, it was alittle aimed down, so it would of hit the spine and some other bones, meaning he would of lived, but barely. "Great job, practice will make perfect my student." I told him, trying to cheer him up, because he got sad after messing up the jutsu.
Soon enough Amechi perfected the jutsu, and now its time for the Chunnin Exams. Of course, Amechi would not try to kill anyone, just immobilize. When it came to his match, he had to fight a taijutsu kid with tremendous speed. Amechi was getting beat, until he started thinking. Amechi saw his dad make those senbon, Amechi copied the hand sign his father made. Metal Senbon started forming all around Amechi, spinning rapidly hiding Amechi's movements. Amechi noticed that this was not just a technique that his father had made, its their clan kekkei genkai. Amechi then, control his puppets, from inside of the swirling senbon shield. Amechi ended up winning the Chunnin Exams and becoming a chunnin.

Chunnin: Amechi walks towards his father, getting ready to receive the clans lightest, and sharpest sword, The Watashi, a sword made of obsidian. The sword has the ability to sharpen itself while fighting, and can cut through earth. Amechi walks to his father and kneels, like what he did when he was given the sword. Arashi grabs the sword, and tells Amechi to place his hands out. Arashi slowly puts the sword in Amechis hand and tells about the long history I am to lazy to put of the sword. Amechi puts the sword in a case made especially for it and walks out. Amechi soon gets assigned on a A-Rank Mission. He has to clear out an outpost of Sunagakure, way out in the desert, from a group of rogue ninjas that took it over. Amechi packs for his mission, and grabs his clans sword. Maybe this could help him.... Amechi ran off into the sun set, getting ready to face whatever comes at him. Amechi reached the rogue infested outpost within 14 hours. Amechi summoned his four main puppets, time to kill them off. One by one... Amechi flicks his wrist and the puppets grab one of the numerous rogue ninjas and just quickly snaps his neck. After that, they all came after Amechi. Amechi then did a hand sign, senbon start to create and then started to increase and increase its velocity until it was impenetrable. Amechi then started sending out senbon, hitting the rogues all over. After the last senbon was sent. Amechi saw one man that didn't even get touched. Amechi slid out the sword and ran at the man. The man grabbed a sword out, Amechi then took the sword out of his hands by manipulating the metal in it and then Amechi slashed, and decapitated the man. The mission is over. When Amechi returned to the village, his father gave him some ryo, and ranked up Amechi for his courageous act.

Jounin: Amechi, now wearing the Sunagakure Jounin uniform, got a group of Genins... He became a Sensei! Amechi has a puppeter, Kantoru, and two fan sisters, Raicha and Charia. A very intresting team.. Hmmmm?
Amechi's Journal for his squad: ~Day 1~: Time for the first day with my squad! I am grateful to have a squad, and I am surely grateful to spend time with them! "Okay guys. I want you to show me what you got. I want you three to take me on. 3.... 2.... 1.... START" I said as disappearing. Quickly though, the puppeteer, Kantoru, found me in a tree. But instead of attacking straight on, he sent his puppet way up in the air, as it was floating in the air, he went under me and threw up a few kunais, I jumped, like he expected. He then sent kunais from the puppet to hit me, stopped the kunais in there place. "WHAT? How did that happen?!" Kantoru said. "Well done Kantoru... Well done indeed. Now for you two... Why didn't you help him? I can stop metal... Just not wind.." I told them. After that, I made them train. They practiced on the dummies.
They got really strong, really quick. When the chunnin exams came, they all passed, and Kantoru even got Jounin. Amechi was so proud.

Missions after being a Sensei: Amechi decided to take on some missions to keep his skills well trained, so he will always be ready for disaster. He walked into the Kazekages office and inquired about a mission. "I will send you on a dangerous mission that most people end up denying it. Please tell me you will not be like them and deny this mission. I will pay you 1m ryo if you actually do it." the desperate Kazekage pleaded. Amechi nodded and accepted the mission. After Amechi acquired the details, he teleported to his house and decided to get ready for his mission. He got assigned to go kill a missin-nin, a S-Rank Missin-nin from his village that has became a great threat to his nice village. Amechi.. Actually... Knew this missin-nin... They were best friends when they were kids.... Amechi got his sword ready, and put on his Sand-Jounin clothes on. Amechi set out on his mission to kill one of his best friend... Thanks to his personality, he is staying calm. Amechi soon reached Otogakure, where all the complaints of his missin-nin friend. Amechi entwined his masculine, tough fingers through the leathery, smooth thought scratched up and roughish sword handle as he locates his long lost friend.. "Hey... I heard you were making trouble..." Amechi said, standing behind his friend, Arashi. Arashi slowly rotated his face, revealing his curse mark, at its first stage, over half of his face, changing his left eye to a yellow color, with a black spiral.. "I see you have become a Jounin my foolish friend... I will kill you here... Right... NOW!" Arashi said bolting towards Amechi, about to hit Amechi with a fire rasengan. Amechi, registering the attack quickly, swiftly preformed his hand signs, and huge pillars of earth started to form around Amechi. Arashi, unfortunately went straight through and hit Amechi.. Amechi flew into a boulder and dissipated.. Or so Arashi though.. It was just a clone.. Amechi came behind Arashi and cut off his left arm. Arashi, started to transform into his second state. Amechi rapidly started preforming numerous hand signs, and as the last hand sign came, Arashi was right next to Amechi, about to punch Amechi into tomorrow. In that moment, Iron Sand blocked the hit, Iron Sand started flowing and flowing out of all of Amechi's pouches. Amechi did one last hand sign, and the Iron Sand crushed Arashi, instantly. Amechi flowed all the Iron Sand back into the pouches, and continued home, back to Suna, to get his Ryo. Amechi reached Suna, retrieved his Ryo, and gave it to a small poor boy.

Kazekage: Arashi, one day told Amechi to come into his office. Arashi said he is retiring, and Amechi is going to be the new Kazekage. Amechi was surprised at first, but still took the position. Amechi said he would take the job very seriously and will do anything to protect the village.

RP Sample: Amechi is in his office, standing, frantically scrambling through the many piles of unorganized papers lied out on his desk looking for a certain folder. Amechi thought it was hopeless searching for this, so he starts organizing his desk. Started stacking the numerous papers in organized piles depending on what they are, and soon enough he located his important folder. 'Should I organize the rest? Yeah... I should while its almost all done....' Amechi finished organizing the papers and hopped on his wolf companion, Daichi. Amechi had his kage robes on, his sword hidden to the eyes of everyone, but very much accessible to Amechi, and he had his Kage hat on. They headed out the building, on a mission to a far away village. The Co-Kage paced into the office to take his duty while Amechi was on a mission. Amechi was going to see if Kirigakure would affiliate with Sunagakure. Arashi soon enough gets tired. Amechi picks up Arashi and carries him to the closest cave. They set up camp and sleep for the night, ready to travel a lot more tomorrow.

Amechi wakes up to Arashi licking his face, "Get off." Amechi says chuckling. "You must be hungry boy. Here" Amechi said as taking out some food for Arashi. Amechi pulled out a sandwich and started eating it. After they both finish eating Amechi got on all fours *Four Legs Technique*, and Arashi got ready. Amechi doing this tires Arashi less and allows him to run faster. They start running towards Kirigakure, hoping they would reach it today, something they probably couldn't do. Them running at this speed they reached Kirigakure within 3 days. Arashi waits outside. Amechi paces into the Mizukage office and sits down, waiting for the Mizukage to get there. For some reason the Mizukage was not present in his village, Amechi patiently waits for him. Soon enough, the Mizukage walks into the room wondering who was this guy sitting in my office. The Mizukage sits down. The Mizukage quickly notices the Kazekage hat on the mysterious man, "Oh, Hello there Mister Kazekage. What is it that brings you to Kirigakure?" the Mizukage inquires. Amechi pulls out from his robes the folder, [color=brown]"I am here to bring peace between Kirigakure and Sunagakure. I have here a folder with all the affiliation details. I think that with Kirigakure as ally, it would bring great comfort to me. I think that we would be wonderful allies." Amechi explained. The Mizukage grabbed the folder and pulls out some papers. The Mizukage started to investigate the paper, seeing the details, and how it would enhance is village. The Mizukage nodded and pulled out a pen. He started signing the paper. "Okay. I agree to the affiliation. I signed it and all. Please give me a copy when you can." Mister Mizukage stated. Amechi nodded and paces out of the building. Arashi, waiting there patiently, started wagging his tail in excitement because of Amechi finally finishing his meeting. "Lets go get something to eat." Amechi said. They walked around the village, looking around for a place to eat because they were both starving. They located a Ramen Shop. "Two ramens, with pork, chiken, and please make it extra spicy." Amechi said to the owner. The owner quickly made the ramen, "Here you go Mister Kazekage." said the owner as he hand me the Ramen. After they ate, they left and it took them 2 and a half days to reach Sunagakure. When they got there... They feasted...
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Amechi Kotora... The best app on here!![Accepted]
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